Welcome to my website
Welcome to my website
Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm a software engineer. In the world of technology, I've chosen to make a change, using my computer science skills. I have a mix of knowledge in backend and frontend development; Java, Python, AngularJS, REST web services and SQL database queries. I also like personalization and use machine learning to make people's lives better. If you have a project or a creative idea, please get in touch.  


I’m Sarah Mestiri, a software engineer from Tunisia. I like having a positive impact on people’s lives by building applications or so, using my programming skills, but also by participating in numerous extracurricular activities. I’m extremely curious when it comes to smart technologies and artificial intelligence (A.I) achievements like Eye Tracking or Recognition. I remember when I fell in love with NAO Robot when seeing how it interacts with a human.

Otherwise, on my spare time, I enjoy traveling and of course photographing sceneries with my Canon 1200D!

One last thing that I forgot to mention! Reading articles about Tech, Leadership or Personal Development and also writing blog posts about what I learn is one of my favorite pass-times.

Latest blogs

Data Natives Berlin 2017: my talk “Building a Recommender System using Collaborative Filtering”
26 November 2017
I was invited as a speaker in Data Natives 2017 to give a talk on tech trends track and I chose to speak about Recommender Systems because it's a topic that fas...
Data Natives 2017 / Berlin / 15-16-17 November
7 November 2017
Did you hear about Data Natives Conference happening in just one week? If not, it's just time! You still can join! If you are curious about data-driven techn...
From OpenCV and Tesseract to exploring recent research results in Computer Vision [Challenge 2]
28 September 2017
I've been away for a while... Actually, I didn't notice as the time was going on.. even though I felt like I've been running all days since my last article :D .
Applied text classification on Email Spam Filtering [part 1]
1 September 2017
Since last few months, I've started working on online Machine Learning Specialization provided by the University of Washington. The first course was about ML fo

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