What helped me get a data science job that fits my ambitions? [part 2]

Many of the aspiring data scientists wonder how to take the path and get the job as a data scientist. Fortunately,  nowadays, you don’t have to start a costly bootcamp or a university degree to become a data scientist because there are many resources available, and a lot of them are free and accessible to […]

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What helped me get a data science job that fits my ambitions – part 1: resources

Almost 2 years ago, I took the decision to quit my job as a software engineer and to start looking for a job in the machine learning field. Right away after quitting my job, I wrote an article in my blog Up to my new Tech challenges and from there the journey started. In this […]

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Data Natives Berlin 2017: my talk “Building a Recommender System using Collaborative Filtering”

I was invited as a speaker in Data Natives 2017 to give a talk on tech trends track and I chose to speak about Recommender Systems because it’s a topic that fascinates me. It’s a topic that’s changing the way we shop clothes, order food, purchase books and more! Behind those systems, there is a […]

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Data Natives 2017 / Berlin / 15-16-17 November

Did you hear about Data Natives Conference happening in just one week? If not, it’s just time! You still can join! If you are curious about data-driven technologies and trends, if you are thinking about being a data scientist or a machine learning engineer, if you want to connect with people passionate about big data […]

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From OpenCV and Tesseract to exploring recent research results in Computer Vision [Challenge 2]

I’ve been away for a while… Actually, I didn’t notice as the time was going on.. even though I felt like I’ve been running all days since my last article 😀 .. I was all in a new dimension of machine learning..one that is so huge and with many many possible doors to knock! -What is it […]

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Applied text classification on Email Spam Filtering [part 1]

Since last few months, I’ve started working on online Machine Learning Specialization provided by the University of Washington. The first course was about ML foundations, the second about Linear Regression, and the third course on which  I’m currently on track is about Classification. I liked the courses almost in every aspect as they teach ML algorithms implementation […]

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Starting with OpenCV and Tesseract OCR on visual studio 2017 [Challenge 1]

I have recently started working on a Freelance project where I need to use text scene recognition based on OpenCV and Tesseract as libraries. I was so motivated to hit the Wolrd of computer vision combined with machine learning and experience developing applications in the field, so I welcomed challenges that come with! Here I’ll […]

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Contributing to CS community..starting with Dzone!

When I took the decision to follow my passion and to choose the career that fits me better, I’ve started a journey that is different, a journey which requires a lot of effort in order to stand from the crowd. Along the way, as I like to be involved in a community, to support and […]

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J On the Beach 2017

This time I made it to Malaga, Spain! I attended J on the Beach 2017 conference, a Big Data event targeting developers and DevOps communities. It was held over 3 days. The first day was about workshops. In the morning session, I participated in “Building Microservices on DS/OS” ensured by Jorg  Schad where I got an […]

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A glimpse into AI potential between today and tomorrow (part 1)

April 23rd, I was honored to be invited by GDG Monastir (Tunisia) as a speaker in Google Next 2017 extended event. My talk was about Artificial intelligence and following is the written version of the idea I wanted to communicate. I bet that when you think/hear about Artificial Intelligence many thoughts pop to your mind! […]

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