You have certainly heard about that unique thing, which changes your life and makes it magic, beautiful. It can be a person, a situation, a hardship, a moment of discovery.. so called “The Spark“!

It all started three or four years ago when I discovered those intelligent features in my Smartphone  “Samsung Galaxy S3”: social tag,  smart stay, smart alert and S voice.

Many questions were coming to my mind about those features, I was so curious about what’s behind their functionalities and how humans succeeded in developing such intelligent technologies! At that time, I was studying computer science engineering and wondering which option modules to take for the last semesters. So, I decided to study “decision making and artificial intelligent (AI) systems” as an option for my last two semesters at university. Through this option, I would dig deeper in machine learning and find an answer to my questions.

Unfortunately, the modules were full of theory. As I’m a practical person, I lost my motivation and was convinced that it’s not the right field for me. One year later, having started my work as a software engineer,  I began to feel that monotony of repeating same things every day, without a space for initiative and innovation. Although, it was an opportunity for me to work for a big name company and discover SCRUM methodology as well as learn who to collaborate with my team and build a clean code following high convention standard, I felt something is missing. It was the right time to better shape my future and re-think the direction I pursue! Passing through that tunnel needs a lot of reflection and a clear vision of your purpose and mission!


Determined to draw my own success path and make the difference, I completed OCJP Certificate, TOEIC Certificate, and started looking for a better job offer where my energy is fueled and where I gain more knowledge in recent technologies and I got it! 

One year later, I’m here again for a new challenge! I couldn’t resist to the World of Data and Analytics as well as the need for machine learning in order to ensure better use of data! So, I attended Data Natives 2016 in Berlin which was an event covering tech trends and innovations in big data and machine learning. By the way, you can find more details about my trip here. From there, a new horizon has just come!

My Network began expanding through Twitter. Everyday, I find myself more connected to the world I love! Hundreds of interesting articles about Artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and analytics! New people around me sharing with me my passion! 

And it doesn’t stop there, among all the subjects, especially, two subjects caught my attention : recommendation systems and marketing analytics (ads bidding, extracting informations from ads, etc)! How fascinating they are! That’s why, I decided to follow machine learning specialization in Coursera, learn Python and start doing some sample projects either in kaggle platform or by exploring github or just trying to make a project from an idea I have! So, I would welcome from you any suggestions on a project or a resource that can be useful, or maybe joining me in this journey!

I know it’s not going to be as simple as it seems but I’m convinced that I can do it! I’m confident in my ability to learn quickly because my drive and my passion fuel me!

On the other side, I’m willing to keep my skills in Java updated and continue forging them. I will keep that part for another article!

For sure, no new discoveries come along without questions! As I’m digging deeper in machine learning, there is a question crossing my mind: why most of those working with machine learning and data analytics don’t use Java for it?Is it because of the libraries that the other languages like Python or R offer?I really like this language even though it’s more complicated than python (but maybe that’s what makes me like it more 😀 )! Does anyone have an answer to that? Feel free to comment!

Finally, my favorite conclusion is to finish up with some quotes that inspire me and guide me through this way!

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”  Confucius

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” Eleanor Roosevelt


Up to the challenges! And yeah! difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. 😉



  • Emna

    Hello sarrah I’m happy to see you progress in your learning path. Really interesting what you are doing. Go and dream ,I am sure you will find your way
    Emna ben brahim

    • Hello Emna, I’m so happy to read your words! I ‘m working hard to make people who believed in me proud and I’m sure that you are among them! I’m grateful to you! Looking for that day when you will say: “That woman, was one day in my team and I supported her, look where she arrived! :)”

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