Welcome in my newly born website and with my own domain name! (I know, it’s an achievement as I was planning to do so since a looong time 😀 )

About achievements, I would like to share with you some thoughts :

1- Make a goal and believe in yourself!

2- Don’t think about the height of the mountain, visualize your feelings when you are at its top!

3- Take risks and you will be surprised of what you can achieve.

4- Celebrate each step! you are making your dream real! you’re closer!

5- Organization and planning are the key for relieving stress along the way and staying productive.

6- As I learned from classy career girl: “You don’t find time. You make it!”

I hope you will enjoy the website! It’s still in its first steps 🙂




  • Beautiful site Sarah- well done! It’s so visually attractive, personal and professional! I have now signed
    up! 😍
    I found you via the comment you left on Lillian Pierson’s Data-Mania ‘Building an Awesome Data Blog’. I am in the process of launching my own blog and it’s super intimidating for me. Thank you for these tips though – I will do my best to remember them. How do you organise yourself generally to get everything done? Do you use a journal or habit tracker?

    • SarahM

      Hi Veronica,

      I’m happy to hear that from you! You’re welcome 🙂
      I organize myself by making a 3 months plan with goals for each month and I also use a daily journal where I write the 1 most important goal of the day, 2 secondaries, and 2 additional. I estimate time for each goal using Pomodoro method (integrated into kanbanflow.com).
      Looking forward to seeing your blog 🙂 you can join https://2018.codenewbie.org/ challenge to write more blogs 😉

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