Did you hear about Data Natives Conference happening in just one week? If not, it’s just time! You still can join!

If you are curious about data-driven technologies and trends, if you are thinking about being a data scientist or a machine learning engineer, if you want to connect with people passionate about big data and data science, if you want all that but don’t know how to do, how to start and what specific topic among the BIG machine learning landscape may interest you then data natives is the right place for where to start!

Last year, I had that feeling that I really want to make a step towards machine learning.. because I, just like you, was impressed by the evolution of the world these last years thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, whether in health where it can be used to enhance diagnosis, or in education by using NAO robot, or in smartphones where you find voice recognition, face recognition! Well, it’s much bigger than I can describe!
And when you find a mountain in front of you, you just have 2 choices: to climb or to stay!

When I heard about Data Natives, I said this is my first step to climb the mountain and learn “machine learning”! and I wasn’t wrong! From the time I attended last year’s edition to now (check my blogs about), I can look back and say:
Definitely, Data Natives was a big leap!

I built a network of Data Scientists, I found support and I made a plan to become a “machine learning engineer” that I’m currently following!

This year’s edition is much more promising! Data Natives committee is working hard to deliver a high-level quality of content! I invite you to take a look at its schedule! and here 5 reasons to attend Data Natives 2017.

I bet you started thinking about coming..so let me give you another hint about one of the subjects that will be discussed in Data Natives!

Do you agree with me that we are in an era of information burden while we barely have time to even relax?

Let’s take a situation to prove that: When you were thinking about learning data science, didn’t you wish to find some recommendations that take into consideration your experience, your background, your preferences and the time you can spend on learning in order to give you in seconds: a learning path tailored to you? Just like Last.fm recommend a list of tracks to listen which fit your tastes?

Well, let me tell you: it is possible!

Come hear my experience in building a recommender system using collaborative filtering! You will learn how to use collaborative filtering, one of the most used personalization techniques, to build your own recommender system and why not then use it to develop such recommendation engine that delivers a learning path tailored to each one!

Starting with when/where we experience it, we will first go through some applications example. Then we’ll dive into an exploration of CF-based methods (Among them the one that won Netflix price). Watch what challenges we may face as we try them and what possible ways to overcome their weaknesses.

Grab your ticket now (prices go up tomorrow!) and see you there! :D..

Still thinking?

What if you get 50% discount! DN17AllAccess50

Don’t you get the discount code?  I will let you discover how to find it 😀 the ONLY thing I can ensure: it’s on this page! (If you don’t, copy the text and send it to me!)

Note: My talk will be on 16th November at 15:40!



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