Good morning my reader,

Welcome in my first article :).

Well, I don’t have much to talk about my career experience, since I have just started my first year as a software engineer. So, I’m a fresh professional in a big World!

But, for sure, I have something that characterizes me! I’m a girl with big ambitions and a will !

When I start thinking about my ambitions, I can’t stop anymore..until getting them achieved! And I know, my passion for computer engineering will guide me toward making people life better. I enjoy working in an environment where there is initiative, exchange of ideas, thus creativity and innovation. Learning, and learning more among such an environment and interacting with passionate people! It’s just my dreamy work environment!

Since, there is no way for me to keep something just like a “dream”, I’m working hard to be able to get hired by a company ensuring such environment.. maybe Google for example ;). Moreover, one day you will see my own project, with a lot of inspiration and effective impact!

I do believe that where there is a will there is a way! So anyone, anyone of you has to just deeply believe in himself, follow a plan.. and his dream will come true!


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