I’ve been working as a software engineer, SAP ABAP Developer, since November 2014. My work involves an international client “SAP French Labs” which is the most interesting part for me, because I want to grow in an international environment and interact with people all over the World. Thus, enabling me to widen my Network and strengthen my knowledge.

I do believe that a software engineer is not just a “developer”. Software engineering involves interaction with client in order to understand and better satisfy his needs, besides collaboration among a team. That’s why, I have been actively seeking for Computer Science Network since the beginning of my computer engineering university studies.

Back to my technical skills, among my current team we are working with Agile methodology “SCRUM” so that our client stays tuned with our progress. I’ve improved my skills by going through standard conventions and test-driven code as well as my ABAP knowledge, the object orientated programming language of SAP. I always do my tasks conscientiously with a lot of commitment to get the right result and a good feedback. I do organize myself, prioritize my tasks and focus on my goals.

Also, I had usable security certificate in March 2015 from University of Maryland online course and I’m now preparing for Oracle Certified Programmer for Java (OCJP) exam. I’m also working on improving my German language, besides having strong French and English language skills.

My passion for computer engineering led me to constantly being proactive in communities and clubs. First, it was by joining a club “Netlinks” in my School as co-founder where I took charge of organizing our plans, helping on some innovative projects and preparing Netlinks Day 2014, a yearly event. Then, this year, I had a unique opportunity while participating in Arab Women in Computing (ArabWIC) conference in Abu Dhabi as an IT panelist. I shared my experience and met a lot of inspiring women in different big companies like IBM and Oracle.

I guess, you are wondering where is Toptal in all of that? Well! I’m going to tell you the story.

While, doing some searches as usual, in order to meet new challenges, technology news, and tips for interviewing, I found an article written in Toptal: The vital guide for Java Interviewing. Since Java is my favorite programming language, it caught my attention. Then, I took a look at the Website home page and was impressed by its claim of hiring 3% of top talented software engineers. I felt that it was appealing to me, to my passion, to my dream of being one of top talented engineers who have effective impact in the World! So, I started signing in, to join Toptal Java Community.

Toptal caught my attention also by its concept, different from other Freelancer websites like ODesk and Freelancer. It appears to be more selective and serious because of its screening process, technical interviews and commitment to find the right match for you. Besides, Toptal Blog reveals that there are many passionate people like me! I couldn’t forget how I was fascinated by the Co-founder of Toptal article about working remotely too!

Finally, I’m eager to join Toptal Software Development Network! It would be an opportunity to try a new style of work!

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